Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sewing: Boppy for Baby

Do you ever want to sew, just for the sake of sewing?
That was me.  

Finished Boppy Cover
I wanted to sew, but something small & fast and then I'd get the instant gratification I was craving. And let's face it, the stuff I really want to make, would be way too much of a project.

Eventually I decided on a Boppy pillow cover to coordinate with my friend's nursery colors.  I had so much fun looking at the fabrics - I thought this fabric was girly but busy enough to hide any messes.  Not that it would matter, since it has a handy zipper on the seam so you can toss it in the wash.

Only part I was nervous about was the fact that there were loads of free patterns floating around on the internet, but after printing a few, I realized they were no where near the same size!  

Ended up using this Boppy Slip Cover Tutorial, and the recommended 1/2" seam allowance instead of pattern creators suggested 1/4". 

My friend sent me a photo of it on her boppy - so relieved it fits! Yay!

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