Welcome to the chronicles of a thirty-something's adventures in home decor, DIY'ing, and sewing. This is where I share my successes and where I muck through my mistakes as I continue to learn along the way.  

I decided to start chronicling my projects to help me remember all the nitty gritty little "how to" details.  If anything proves helpful to someone else, all the better!  Plus it's nice to have photos of items I may gift away.  Not sure if I'll stick to this premise, but the blog can grow with me as my interests change.

Sewing ~ 
A couple of years ago, I was spring cleaning and was considering donating my old sewing machine that had been tucked away for a few years. I dusted off my machine to see if it was in working condition (it had moved house 4 times since it was last used).  And what started as a gesture to donate the machine had me reminiscing about past projects and wondering how in the world I had made them.
Right around then I started to see projects all around me.... so I decided to hold on to my sewing machine and start a blog.

The quirky blog name?  
Long ago my husband and I lived in separate cities while dating.  We would play online spades against each other, dorky but true.  His user name was just a bunch of gibberish the computer bot suggested and he accepted.  It looked like "MuckWeh" to us and became an inside joke for years as we found ways to butcher it and it evolved into other words.  After a few glasses of wine, I took the liberty of paying homage to that in the blog's name.

Thanks for stopping by!

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