Friday, June 9, 2017

Repotted my Fiddle Fig aka Ficus Lyrata

This is Fike (Ficus Lyrata) on the day he came home from the nursery two years ago. Isn't he beautiful? He did beautifully and grew lots of new leaves, despite me never repotting him. Oops. 

Then his parents went on holiday...

He dropped most of his leaves and barely came back from the brink of death. 

Below is a photo of Fike on moving day - see him on the right?  Shadow of the young plant he formally was. I'm sure the movers were wondering why we even bothered. Poor Fike!

Below:  this was Fike before I repotted him. Already bouncing back and looking good. Only six months between the photo above (winter) and the one below (now/June).

And voila! In his slightly bigger new pot! Doesn't he look handsome?

I'm sure the real gardners out there are cringing he doesn't have a drainage hole, but I put some filler at the bottom of the pot as well as using potting soil that helps manage over and under watering, so I'm optimistic Fike is on to better days. 

And if you happen to like this planter, I bought it online from Overstock here. It took me forever to find an indoor planter I liked and even longer to click "buy" and spend so much on them. 
After a coupon the price was reduced to $123 for 3 pots (small/medium/huge). Now that I've seen them in person, I don't have any regrets and am very happy with the value.
The "large" size is really HUGE so if you can put them to good use, I think the quality is worth it. Sorry I the small one didn't make the above photo, I had left it downstairs when I took this photo.

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