Sunday, October 27, 2013

Free Printables - Step by step instructions to use & customize

For my homemade sugar scrub jars (the post making scrub and jars is here), I created these printables for my jars and am happy to share with you.   A pink version of the labels has also been added. 

You are able to edit all text to use these for your own party!


I used Avery's "Print to the Edge Round 2.5" diameter labels, 41462" on the jars so it will open with this sticker size layout as the default, but Avery's website will help you automatically update the layout so you can use any size Avery label.  How cool is that?

Because it must be said:
Feel free to use these files & layout for your personal use, but not for anything you might sell.


For the chevron label that I used on my jar's lid, 
click here for the blue version or here for the pink version and then follow the instructions below.

For the giraffe background ingredient label with the elephant, 
use this link for blue or click here for pink, and then follow the instructions (you will be able to remove and/or replace the elephant with the Avery web based software if you want).

A new web page that looks like this will open.

Click the download icon (circled in pink).

Note: Since this is an Avery file, you will not be able to open this file yet (and why a file preview will NOT show), this is all perfectly normal.


Save the file to your computer - be sure to make a mental note of the location you pick.  Surely I'm not the only one that can't find things right after I save them.  Which explains why my computer desktop is so cluttered.


Click the green button labeled "Open Project


Click the gray "Choose File" button.
And select the file we downloaded to your computer earlier.


The background graphics are included in the file you downloaded, but you can edit the text elements using the Avery program.

And when you're ready, just click the green "preview & print" button.  

To check your label alignment, Avery recommends printing on regular paper first, then holding behind your sheet of labels and holding up to the light to see if they line up.  You can actually make minor alignment adjustments on the "Preview & Print" section, just look for the gray button labeled "Printer Adjustments"

Viola! You are ready to pass out your very own jars with pretty labels.

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