Thursday, December 29, 2016

Move In Day aka Week 15 of House Renovation

We moved house today! Oh yes we did.

We are so excited by the new home (even though we know we are moving into a semi-construction zone and won't have a kitchen quite yet!). Seriously excited our top floors are done!! 

In fact, we are too busy, and too happy to notice the "to do" list or even make much of a blog post. I just wanted to say WE MOVED IN.

Below is the floor that needs the majority of the remaining work! Oy!

 The very super duper original light fixture! Circa 1880s. Wow, right?!?

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Weeks 9-13

I'm starting to be able to see what the house will actually look like finished and I'm getting excited!!

Been averaging a visit to the house about every 5 days which has been good. Hubs gets more stress about all the work left to do when he visits the house too much. There's times where I refuse to go over with him because I know there won't be enough changes to warrant the visit. Weird. I know.

Real life outside the house seems to take up most of my time these days. And because I tend to over research sometimes, it's taking me longer to make decisions. It's a curse, but then, it's pretty cool when your SIL is on the way to the store and asks what brand washing machine she should get since she knows I already did more reading on it then she ever would. We went with Electrolux brand if you're wondering.

Week 9-10
The house wounded up needing tons of plaster work to repair walls after wallpaper removal. Especially the dining room. Oh that poor dining room. Then the plasterer didn't show. And then finding a new one became it's own challenge. And then I had to leave town for two weeks.


Week 10-11
The weather turned cold, so it was a relief to when the radiators started up without any problems. Finalized all paint colors! Okay, a few I totally asked Elizabeth to pick my kitchen wall color. I think because I want the kitchen to be perfect, I couldn't make any decision. Frozen. Plus it was weird to worry about colors about while traveling. Hubs and I joke about the scene in Lost in Translation and the package his wife overnighted him. We can't be like that! Ha!

Below: Kitchen & family room flooring & cabinet colors (squares) with paint samples.

Week 12
Looked at lights with Elizabeth in person, cause online was so uninspiring. It was hard to connect to any until I saw them in person.
Photo below; current thoughts for house (sorry it's a pic of a pic, life is crazy hectic these days).
Antique chandelier below is being considered for our dining room. They are re-wiring it this week so we can go see what it would look like lit.
Mover bids & giving away random house stuff.
Selling a few things on my condo's bulletin board has helped us purge.

Week 13
Finalizing light fixtures, still. Hubs took an interest, it's been more of a negotiation between us. He prefers way more traditional lights and while I tend towards the juxtaposition of modern fixtures in historic homes. It took time to find ones that we agree on, fit the budget, and work for the house. Yeah. It's an annoying trifecta.

Haven't ordered them, but this is the idea:

Upcoming week:

  • A radiator specialist is removing a long baseboard radiator in the basement because the new built in cabinets are going where it sits. And then we are thinking to replace it with a smaller one. Heat wise we should be good since we are adding heated floors. 
  • Calling antique store to request they go ahead a re-wire a light fixture we are potential interested in for the dining room. Then hubs and I will be able to see what it looks like lit  we like it off, so fingers crossed  
  • Working through the "to do" list for the move. Seriously so many annoying details. 
  • New car search. The timing of this is the worst. And Hubs and I have different ideas of what we should get next (we only have the 1 vehicle), so we are kicking tires and getting to know what's out there now. I test drove one and loved what cars are like now. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Weeks 5-8 of Home Renovation: Old Wallpaper Behind Walls & Pipes Moved

October was a lot of behind the scenes progress after the demo phase. Seems to be the phase where things look a lot worse before they can look better. Which has been a bit discouraging as the homeowner, but the logical "construction side" of my brain knows better.

Check out these two photos of this old wallpaper we found behind the walls after the pipe was moved. Photos of where it was hiding are after the jump...

Friday, October 7, 2016

Week 4 Home Reno: Pipes behind the walls

It was a fairly smooth week, so I only made it over to the house twice this week. Once to drop off new tile we bought (pics below!) and to check out the newly discovered pipes behind the wall.

I'd like to suggest that every renovation budget have an automatic line item of "moving pipes" and be sure to double it from what you anticipate.  That's the page we turned this week.  Don't get me wrong, I knew it was coming, but it still hurts.

Tuesday / Kitchen Slabs - Went to see our new kitchen slabs in person!
Relieved I like the new ones just as much as the original (the original slabs had a finishing issue). I had a super hard time deciding on the cabinet color but...drum roll... it is officially Sherwin Williams Serious Gray 6256
Happily hand Elizabeth a key to the house this week too!

So many potential gray paint colors!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Home Renovation Weeks 2 and 3: Carpet Gone

Week 2: Surprise Under Stairs

Two weeks of updates in one post! Hope it's not too long, but we were traveling last week.

Carpet Removed - the old carpet was removed while we waited to receive bids from potential contractors. And SURPRISE we discovered this black stripe on all of the above ground stairs.  So at some point in time the stairs were stained an ebony color and it was (partially) removed, perhaps in the 1980s or 90's when it was last remodeled.
Which makes me wonder... at what point in time it was stained black??

Sanding and re-staining all the stairs would be much more costly than replacing the carpet runner so the stripe will remain for the next owner to wonder about.

Not to be out done, the basement stairs (pic below) also came with a stripe of unfinished wood.  And some really nasty sub-floor was at the top (to be replaced with original hardwoods from another location).

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