Wednesday, November 11, 2015

After Photo with Dining Room Updates

The updates to the dining area came together relatively quickly that I just realized I never posted an "after" photo after my previous post.  This is the dining room as it is today after updating three elements.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ch-ch-changes to our Dining Room

Minor updates to the dining area have started to happen around here (and I stress minor!)

While the room was functional, it has never felt finished to me so my most recent focus was to try and give the dining area the attention it deserved.

Items to be addressed:
1) Change light fixture to one that's more to scale
2) dining chairs to something more comfortable and in a more updated fabric
3) hang something on that poor empty wall
4) centerpiece for table

Below are the items I've purchased so far.

** UPDATE **
New photos can be found here
** UPDATE **

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Creative Goals for Me & My Home

A few projects have been dancing in my mind lately, but since I have been traveling recently, they haven't gained any ground. 

These are my optimistic DIY goals for decorating and sewing in the upcoming 2015 year...  

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sewing DIY: the Perfect Non-Slip, No-Headache, Sweatyband Inspired Headband

If you have a Sweatyband brand headband, you know how terrific they are at staying put all day and not causing headaches. And that they are amazing for athletic activities!  You also know how pricey the little buggers can be, retailing for about $15 each band. I used my best reverse engineering skills to make my own version and wanted to share the "how to steps" because they really turned out to be just as great as the original version.

On the left in the photos below is my version for about $4 and the $15 Sweatyband version on the right.  Twinsies, right?  My favorite glitter ribbon headband only cost about $2 each to make.  What a great gift to slip into someone's stocking this holiday!  And did I mention you can toss them in with your regular wash?

Instructions below the fold.


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