Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Before and After: Removing Sales Sticker from Shoes with Soft Leather Soles

Sales stickers are annoying to remove and will leave a sticky adhesive residue if you just peel them off, right?

Last time looked into finding best way to remove the sales sticker (ahem, especially Nordstrom Rack price tags), I found a lot of ideas but nothing specifically showing it done on the soft leather soles (the kind that feel like suede) or any "after" photos.

Everyone likes a good before and after photo!

This led me to share my own experience and post plenty of photos so you can make your own decision (check out my first attempt here).  

This time I am trying out a new method, used on the shoe above.   

Most of us have tried Goo-Gone and know it's a bit oily, and how it can leave a residue on absorbent materials, so I was curious about other options.

I ordered a small container of Un-Du Adhesive Remover.

Follow the directions on the bottle and work the product between it and the shoe.  Un-Du has a funny little applicator with a slope that makes it possible to concentrate and direct the liquid.  Similar to the way a shoe-horn works, you side the applicator under the sticker and the product drips down the "slide" and attacks the sticker.

An exciting action photo...

After continuing to work the Un-du under the sticker, I was able to pull it off in one piece.  While most of the adhesive residue was removed with the sticker, there was still some left on the shoe.  

Use the applicator to pill it into little bits and scrape it off.  The product evaporates quickly, so I worked it off section by section. Eventually, nothing sticky remained.

 Here is the shoe right after I removed the sticker, while dry to the touch, you can see a small shadow of where I scraped off the sticky residue.


Ultimately, I think the results are fairly similar (see previous sticker removal using Goo-Gone) but I prefer using the Un-Du Adhesive Remover as it is less messy because the product evaporates fairly quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue. Sometimes I did squeeze too much product out, so try to go slow.

The smell didn't bother me, a bit like nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol, but they recently released the VOC Compliant version.  I'd be curious to compare the two as the new version wasn't available when I purchased my bottle of Un-Du.

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  1. you can use a hair dryer,,it's much easier,,and prevents any possible discoloration from a removal chemical..


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