Our Home Renovation

Like most couples, we started our home search hoping to find "move-in ready" but gradually discovered compromises had to be made and one of those was taking on a home renovation. Same dance, different song, right?

We closed on our "new" historic home in September 2016 and will be making it ours with cosmetic changes to the kitchen and master bath, while aiming to retain the historic character.  It was built in the 1880's and it appears to have been well cared for throughout the years and the existing layout worked for us.

While it is not our first home, this is the first major renovation project we have done. And because everyone knows home renovation is never as easy as it seems on TV, I thought I'd document the "behind the scenes" realities of our project.

Cast of Characters:
House - 1880's row house style home
Me & Hubs - homeowners
Elizabeth - Interior Architect & Designer
Chris - General Contractor

Renovation Plans:
Update entire master bath & closet. Moving toilet & bathtub locations.
Update entire kitchen, keeping plumbing in same location.
Cosmetic updates to powder rooms on garden level & on main floor.
Removing all wallpaper throughout home, repairing walls & painting.
Adding heated floors in master bathroom and throughout basement.

Weeks 5-8: Hidden old wallpaper & pipes all moved

Week 4: Opening tiny walls still means moving pipes!

Week 2 & 3: Carpet Gone & Dining Room Wallpaper

Week 1: Found Wood Floors

We Bought a House!

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