Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sewing: Bias Yardage Calculator

Calculating the amount of fabric needed for your bias binding can be tedious.

I always have to look up sewing formulas and work out the math, usually while sitting in the car outside the fabric store.  By having a little excel worksheet here online, hopefully it'll make it that much faster next time.

Just enter the appropriate numbers in the 3 highlighted fields.

Calculations are based on the "Magical Math Formula" tutorial found at Sew4Home.  The math is the same as above, but a lady can go cross eyed trying to read through that and do the math on a small phone screen while sitting in the car. ;)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Winning at Craig's List - New Dresser & Nightstand

I finally have my own Craig's List success story! This pair of blue beauties are scheduled to be delivered this Sunday. I hope I'm not jinxing it, but I'm too excited to contain myself. 

The plan is for both to go in the guest room. The dresser will go on the wall opposite the bed. 

My friend K recently bought a steal of a baby change table that was still in stores for $200 more than what she paid. It served as a good reminder not to give up on CL. 

When searching for dressers, I was actually looking for a quality piece I could paint myself to use in the guest room. 
And when I stumbled across this one (already painted in a coordinating color!) I was so giddy I sent a text to the number right then and there. 

No response. For days! That's an eternity  to walk around with your fingers crossed. 

Just as I decided it wasn't meant to be,  I get a text that it IS still available. Yay! Turns out the seller does this as a weekend hobby, so she was just waiting to have free time. 
We chatted on the phone and she was absolutely super nice and friendly. She was even willing to wait for me to return from a scheduled trip out of town. I admit, it even crossed my mind to look into changing my flight if the seller couldn't wait.

Coincidently, my mom and step-dad arrive for a long weekend visit tomorrow, so while I wish they could use & enjoy the new furniture over the weekend, I'm glad they'll at least get to see what's in store for them on their next visit since it'll arrive the morning of their departure. 

And hubs? He's the best ever. He was driving while I chatted with the seller for the first time, only hearing half the call. When I hung up, it didn't even phase him. He just had this look with a grin that said, "what are you up to now?"  I shared what I had found on CL and how it was a great deal for furniture that was already painted the perfect color. I don't think he even asked what it looked like. Such a guy!
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