Sunday, May 26, 2013

Love a bag of rice!

It's all true - a bag zip lock bag of rice can save a phone! 

While showing my hubs an adorable video of my 2 year old cousin, the phone slipped out of my hand... and right into the glass of water below. It was a comedy of errors! I tried to shake out all the water. Immediately I knew the speaker had stopped working. Unfortunately I didn't know you are supposed to power off right away. I was still using it and "testing" to see how much had died. Then I googled what to do and followed directions to power off and seal the phone in a bag if rice. 
I could only stand to leave it for 36 hours, but it works perfectly now!!! Whew!!!

While we were out and about I realized how much I rely on my favorite apps. Last night I jumped into a taxi without even knowing the address of where I was going because I was just so used to always having it on my phone. Luckily the guy was in a good mood and let me wing it, "Um, drop me 4 blocks south of the X sculpture." What a mess!

And while hubs was sweet to oblige my "can I use your phone, real quick?" requests... His apps were different than mine and so unorganized. It made me miss my phone even more. He hasn't complained about the rearranging & organizing I did on his phone, so he must like it!  

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Swatches arrived. Change of Plans.

Good thing for swatches!  The plan for the guest bedroom has done an about face. 

The swatches showed me the room has too much cream and really doesn't need more. I really started to favor the two white based fabrics on the left. 

I still like the fabrics below, but not for this room. 

Then I fell for these gorgeous coordinating pink fabrics from Duralee (I think from the Fuchsia set). Aren't they great? Best price I saw was $35 a yard. Not good when I'd want at least 15 yards for the duvet & pillows. 

Then my friend J and myself fell in love with Schumacher fabrics (she was working on her master at the same time).  Of course Schumacher is "to the trade" only.  But I found a way to keep the orange & blue look that I liked by using Schumacher's Chiang Mai fabric (in the aquamarine color way). And since we lived in Shanghai, I thought the dragon would be a cheeky addition to our home. 

The look for the new bedding for the guest bed... Ta da!

I'm waiting for the Euro shams to arrive - I ordered in Schumacher's Betwixt in Navy with Ivory. It's an amazing woven. I The swatch works well against the new Cuddledown duvet I ordered in Sapphire.

And also waiting on these summer weight 600 thread count sheets with a navy stripe. 

Almost coming together into something real!!!

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