Monday, July 29, 2013

Painting the Townhouse Gray

Eeeny meeeny miney mo! 
The colors look very different in the photo but it just shows how you can have five fabulous recommended colors and it's still a tough decision.


Since we've moved cities a few times, our first home has since became a rental.  The townhouse was originally painted in beige/cream color (called Ceyon) but we wanted to update it with a neutral gray to give it a more contemporary look.  Paint color and carpets would need to be picked out in person, so I flew down to check it out.  Eventually picked Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray paint (SW 7044)!

SW Functional Gray was a close runner up, but I was too chicken to have a darker gray throughout the entire house after being used to the creme.  Mostly, we were trying to coordinate with the existing kitchen cabinets' tan color, but since I couldn't justify painting the cabinets this time around, I picked a gray with neutral undertones.

My painter is so super great - he snapped a few photos for me to see today's progress.  The photos made me giddy to see the townhouse looking so pretty.

I think Amazing Gray looks cooler in my photos than it does in person.  In person it looks more like the professional sample photo in the middle.  It reminds me of a gray with a tiny bit of taupe coming through.  I hope the potential renters like it as much as me!

Here's the kitchen with both paint colors.  Sherwin William's Amazing Gray is on the top and the old Ceyon below.

Two different photos of the same room, taken at different times of day (one has the ceiling fan light on too); 
I think the photo on the right more resembles what it looks like in person. 

After paint, the new carpet will go in!  Whoo hoo!

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