Wednesday, November 11, 2015

After Photo with Dining Room Updates

The updates to the dining area came together relatively quickly that I just realized I never posted an "after" photo after my previous post.  This is the dining room as it is today after updating three elements.

Rest in Peace
I want to mention, I won the most gorgeous orchid table centerpiece at a charity auction.  We went out of town for two weeks and I'm pretty sure it died.  I'm sorry little plant, but I'm glad my wasted money went to a good cause.
But our Ficus Lyrata aka Fiddle Fig affectionately named "Fike" is still doing well after five months his new home.  Maybe I'll introduce you to him later.

George Kovacs Linear Pendant Installed

Updating: Light Fixture 

I debated calling an electrician to install my new light fixture, but ultimately I decided to DIY it since I installed the previous fixture myself and knew exactly how to do it.  Obviously working with electricity isn't something to take lightly, so please do not hesitate to call a licensed electrician. 

My friend had three light fixtures replaced this year and it cost $150 for the electrician to install them which we thought was very reasonable considering the time it took.

Added a Dimmer Switch
Once the light fixture was installed, the difference in the amount of light given off was incredible! It's a wonder we could even see with that old light.

But the new fixture meant having a choice between having the bright sun on or siting in the dark.  It was an all or nothing situation.  A classic case of "this is why dimmer switches were invented!"

Since I was on a roll, off to Home Depot I went to select the right dimmer.  It gave me such a sense of accomplishment to change it out myself that I snapped a few photos for bragging rights and to bore you with.

Did you know that dimmers don't have to be the round push button knob anymore? I had really never paid attention, but check out the left most rocker switch in the before/after switch plate photo. The tiny buttons to the right of the switch give all the functionality you could need, and the little lights to the left indicate the amount of light emitted.

Dimmer was added to the left switch

Updating: Art

Art is super personal and honestly my husband and I had trouble finding something we both liked.  After living with an empty wall that irked us we agreed SOMETHING needed to be done.  The inspiration piece on the left convinced my husband abstract art could work for us.  And since the light fixture sort of "disappears" we needed something a bit more striking on the wall.  

Mostly just adding anything to the empty wall would have helped the situation.  I think the hardest thing to get right about art is the scale matching the scale of the art to the room or wall.  

Updating: Dining Room Chairs

It had never crossed my mind to keep the table and switch out the chairs but I am glad I did. They look so much better than my previous chairs that I'm almost embarrassed I waited so long.  

While they are fine, I have not been super satisfied with the quality (legs arrived scratched and a couple chairs were unbalanced.  And the customer service was a bit lacking IMHO, merely offering a store credit for my complaints), so I will not recommend the manufacturer here.  

BUT I do want to emphasize how changing them out completely transformed the entire feel of the room so if you are thinking about it or thinking about reupholstering yours - DO IT.

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