Sunday, June 3, 2012

Healthy Eating. What's in your cart?

Confession: The groceries shown in this photo aren't mine. 
Am I the only one that looks at the groceries of the person in front of them as they are placed on the conveyor belt? I couldn't help but notice that everything this guy bought was really pretty healthy.  

Look at it - it's mostly fruits & veggies.  Couple packages of fresh fish.  And a rotissarrie chicken & lunch meat.  It's all fresh - the packed stuff is his protein shakes.  Wow.  It was quite impressive and made me take a second look at what was in my cart.  

My naughty chips & salad dressings are towards the back, but otherwise, I think I did okay.  Lots of produce today.  My problem is doing it week after week.  

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