Monday, June 11, 2012

Itching to Stitch!

I'm sure I drove my friend S crazy today with a zillion emails on fabrics and sewing but she's sweet enough not to complain (love ya S!).  She's expecting a baby girl on October 8 - I am having a blast virtual shopping with her even if we aren't in the same city. 

After looking at all the blogs, fabric swatches and sewing websites, I'm dying to start a new sewing project. Although admittedly much of the things I admire are way above my sewing skill set.  Kind of like shopping and always falling in love with the most expensive dress.

I can't get too excited and post too much since my friend S will see this and gifts are better when they are surprises, right?  Plus, there's always the factor that if it's a total #fail then I can just pretend it never happened.  

Just look at this dress! Isn't it super sweet for a little girl? I think my nieces are too old for this (although it sizes up to 13/14) - but they might indulge me and wear it long enough to send a few photos back.  Just hard to compete with all the latest "must have" fashions that they are starting to like at that age. 

This would be adorable in any of these materials for the July 4th holiday!  I especially like the seersucker check fabric to help beat the summer heat. Too bad I'll be traveling between now and then and won't have time for any sewing. 

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