Monday, March 17, 2014

Sewing Reveal: Custom Bench Seat Cushion for Pottery Barn Entryway Bench

I made this bench cushion for my friend Katy who scored this Pottery Barn bench from Craig's List - and it was easier than it looks - I promise!  Her husband was redoing the finish from black to the current dark wood stain when I was over at their house.  We were chatting about their new score and  I offered to make a cushion for them with the caveat that I had never done this before.  Being as awesome as they are, they weren't scared of my sewing skills at all! 

This video by Sailrite was the absolutely most helpful to explain all the written tutorials and instructions I had been reading.  And the method used to install zipper was easy to follow and interesting to learn.
 "How to Make a Box Cushion"

Supply List:

Foam & Batting: Katy bought it locally with coupon for around $20 (2" thick x 15" x 46") order for the remaining items for $30:

A lot of time was spent researching all the various tutorials and methods to make sure I knew what I was doing before I started.  That first fabric cut is the most terrifying for me - there are no take backs!  After I dove in, it was actually super easy.
Seriously, it's just a big pillow case with a zipper. Easy to say now though.

The not so fun part was finishing the cushion and realizing I cut the fabric using 1/2" seam allowances but only allowed for the typical 1/4" allowance on the welting. Doh! Ended up being too big for the bench.  We could have made it work, but I wasn't happy with it.  Lesson learned!  I took it apart, trimmed everything and put it back together in a matter of a leisurely 2 days of sewing.  Honestly, it was the seam ripping that took the longest.  It's always that way, amiright?

This project left me pumped to select and start another project.  Looking at modern quilt patterns now.

I really want a new sewing machine. Seriously.  I think I bought this machine in 1998 or something.  I used my mother's new machine and it opened my eyes to what they can do these days! Wowzers.  Plus attaching the sewing foot I needed for the welting required using a set of pliers. Nuff said.

Making the welting (not on the bias to keep stripes lined up)
Learned you can sew batting together! Who knew?!

Using the electric knife to trim the foam was super fun

All the parts, ready to go!

Cushion cover is 1/2 done!
Ta da! Cushion on the bench!

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