Sunday, April 13, 2014

Next Project: Herringbone Quilt (WIP)

While looking at potential new sewing machines, I found an easy quilt as you go tutorial for a herringbone blanket.  These first photos show my work-in-progress.  The "quilt as you go" concept was new to me, but basically you sew the quilt pieces to the batting creating panels instead of blocks.  See the white strip poking out?  That's my batting.  Check out the tutorial by Maureen Cracknell and her flicker group to see other blankets made using the same tutorial (this pink baby version is a fav of mine).


The front side of my quilt uses Robert Kaufman's "Silent Film" Palette pre-cut jelly roll.  The quilt front is almost finished, I am just waiting for the Ziggy fabric by French Bull to arrive.  Really wish I did not order them separately, but I just couldn't decide until I saw the grey fabric in person.  Plus I expected it to take longer to sew all those fabric strips to the batting but it went surprisingly quick after the first few.

I snapped the progress pic above after using 1 jelly roll, each strip is 64" long, and the finished blanket should measure 62" x 62". It was difficult trying to decide on quilt's top colors for this blanket because I wanted to use A) solid fabrics and B) a pre-cut jelly roll (for the first time). 
The final front colors & back fabric selection!
Playing around on the computer and dropping in different combinations helped me narrow it down.  We intend to keep this blanket, so I asked my husband what colors he would like to see in the blanket.  I soon regretted asking because he only suggested his alma matter's colors. Sorry, hun, that's a no-go!  Ultimately I selected the "silent film" grey scale palette to stay neutral on the topic.  That will teach me to ask opinions!  =)  
Seriously though, something about using grey fabric and a strong bright fabric on the reverse started to appeal to me.  And bonus - if the blanket happened to be left out on our sofa, it would still coordinate.

My Mock-Up Using "New Classic" Palette:

I really loved the bright colors of this jelly roll's mix of fabrics.  It's probably why I ended up selecting the Windham Ziggy fabric for the back.  They look so similar, they could be siblings! This might be the next herringbone blanket I make.
Runner Up Quilt Top: RK's New Classic Color fabric palette in a random herringbone pattern
 And the nearly identical fabric going on my blanket's back...
Ziggy by French Bull's Chevron Multi Fabric

Various Combinations of Patterned Fabric on the back:

Another favorite combo.
Probably a better choice, but the predominately white background made me nervous.
Unexpected floral on the back?
color pop with a "manly" fabric for the back? 
Grey with pops of light blue

This is what happens when you can't sleep, you over think fabric options and make too many mock-ups.  

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