Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Creative Goals for Me & My Home

A few projects have been dancing in my mind lately, but since I have been traveling recently, they haven't gained any ground. 

These are my optimistic DIY goals for decorating and sewing in the upcoming 2015 year...  

Sewing Projects

Baby Quilt - First and foremost, I am embarassed to admit the quilt for my newest niece is late by almost 2 months.  Now that the holidays have passed, I'm hopful to really get some sewing done.  Planning to make this somewhat contemporary quilt for her:

Quilt - And my 3 year old nephew sent his request for a blanket in video to me - can't say no to his sweet self - even if we all know his mama may have coached him a tiny bit. Ha! She's a smart woman.  We both like this "Smithereens Quilt" for him with it's bright colors.  Hopefully it's not too complicated for my sewing level. I already have the pattern and fabric, only need the time to make it now.

Dining Chair Covers - This may get pushed off the list.  The current chair covers are working just fine, but I think I'd like to update the fabric and finish decorating the living / dining room.  The wall that isn't shown to the left is embarassingly empty. 

Decorating Projects

Blank Wall in Living/Dining - The wall is so long, I've been at a loss as to how to best address it.  Wall mounting the TV would help give the room a more polished look. Considering adding open shelving to surround a mounted TV.  If I could sell our current cocktail table, I could then justify purchasing a new (larger!) coffee table.

Update Home Office - Adding the desk and chairs to the room summerizes our decorating efforts on the office.  The partner style desk is obnoxiously oversized for the room (purchased for a previous home) but I don't think the hubs is ready to give it up so that will pose a challenge to try to work around it. 

Move the printer to a hidden spot in the closet (which means cleaning out the closet, ugh).  Add a reading lamp to the desk top and donate outdated floor lamp.  New desk chairs. Maybe even rearrange furniture to gain better flow - but room layout may not allow for that. 

Guest Room Finishing Touches - small painting above desk.  Lamp for the nightstand. A throw blanket?  Rehang the mirror above the dresser so it's not so high. Whoops. Organize/toss/donate items that have started to occupy the once empty guest closet. Painting the wall directly behind the bed crossed my mind.

These are my lofty goals, a gal can dream, right?

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